Talkin’ Sloth: Khan, Oggero and The Shack Walk into Judge Roth’s Court

You don’t drop $6.5M on a River Oaks home and don’t know about the legal formation of the same. The story doesn’t add up.

However, with your Bandit lawyer Ray Shackelford pennin’ the Petition, that does make sense. But his story as a precursor to Khan’s affidavit, is completely contradictory.

The home was purchased from legitimate homeowners in May 2022, Thomas and Renata Demoes.

The main petition attempts to shift the blame 100% to Oggero, however, Khan’s affidavit states he clearly knows the Kison’s.

This appears at first blush to be money launderin’, or as the receiver states more bluntly, real estate fraud by creating the sham entity Piemontese (care of George Oggero).

However, this is just a personal opinion, without delvin’ into the related litigation in detail at this time, but taking into consideration Kison’s past criminal behavior – as we detail below.

It seems implausible  Khan was effectively giftin’ the home for Kison’s kids…

Stay tuned for updates.