A review of the changes in the federal court system in the last year alone has raised eyebrows.

There are new templated “standard” scheduling orders and pilot schemes for initial disclosures when foreclosures land in the federal court system, usually by a foreclosure mill removing the case from state court.

The latest surge in protective orders in foreclosure cases is another new event as the public access to courts and open dockets and media oversight is being restricted, rather than expanded.

LIT discovered behind the PACER paywall lies a dark forum of hidden paperwork – which proves beyond a reasonable doubt; perjury, judicial misconduct and much more.

We’ve uncovered it, first hand.

Below we have selected the ongoing foreclosure saga of Kafi Inc, who has maintained several cases over several years in S.D. Tex. federal courthouse in Rusk St.

Since the departure of Judge Vanessa Gilmore, this case has been reassigned to Judge Charles Eskridge, who made his multi-million dollar net worth from representing Wall St during the Financial Crisis 2008, e.g. Lehman Bros while at Quinn Emanuel.