In this case, which he’s now amassed a series named “Flamethrower Karen In Court!“, the litigant he targets is actually remotely appearing from Virginia, but the case(s) are in Tarrant County, Texas (Dallas / Fort Worth area).

The “Karen” is Ms. Leyva, and she’s actually raising a substantive argument, her only error is confusing state and federal law, but that’s a minor issue as she’s citing the correct state law in her argument, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure (“TRCP”).

Nevertheless, Attorney Mike gets on her back immediately stating ‘no you don’t’ when she questions why her hearing is now after opposing counsel’s, when her motion was filed first, a very valid argument and one we are particularly familiar with, as it happened recently in Harris County District Court.

Continuously throughout the video Attorney Mike Gravlin makes snide remarks, or agrees with his paying – or should that be bayin’ – subscribers, despite the fact he has no familiarity with Texas courts.

For an attorney with – in his own words – 25 years of experience as a trial attorney in Chicago, Illinois, taking money [consideration] from youtube subscribers when you’re disparaging a pro se litigant in a Texas courtroom in this manner,  and doing so repetitively, goes beyond ‘opinion’, as it’s a commercial enterprise, and is a fast way to serious sanctions, suspension or even disbarment, certainly in Texas, see; Tex. Disciplinary Rules Prof’l Conduct – which we are sure is mirrored in Illinois.

It’s All About the Money