Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network is an American cable and satellite television network.

It was created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a nonprofit public service.

It televises many proceedings of the United States federal government, as well as other public affairs programming.

Apparently, it’s not a PUBLIC service for fellow non-profit LIT to access.

Here’s what we tweeted a week ago to @CSPAN.

That invoked radio silence from C SPAN.

Here’s a video of our desktop attempt to pull C-SPAN’s website today, Mon. 21, 2022 which is live-streaming the Supreme Court Nomination hearing.

Our links to C-SPAN.ORG on our websites are broken due to C SPAN blocking our IP’s.

However, on checking our mobile phones, we can connect to C-SPAN.ORG – at this time.

Here’s a screenshot…

Y’all can expect a FIOA request shortly C SPAN.