The Fifth Circuit panel of Judges, Carl Stewart, James Graves Jr and Catharina Haynes failed attempt to intimidate litigants in foreclosure at a very recent foreclosure case oral argument (Dec. 2021) when questioning the homeowner’s lawyer. The judges’ derogatory and dismissive attitude masks the real reason why the federal and circuit courts took over foreclosures after the 2008 financial crisis – greed by Wall St.

The federal judiciary agreed to be the executioners by wrongfully stealing millions of homes from American families – but after LIT started highlighting the corruption, they’ve started a retreat – claiming to be above foreclosure cases.

That’s a lie.

They are responsible for the biggest theft of Americans homes in the history of the United States which has now led to a housing shortage as Wall St stole them and rent them back to citizens at unaffordable rates. There is no inventory of affordable houses because of the actions of government post 2008.

It’s shameful and a disgrace.