72The ‘Hillbilly’, Kilt-wearin’,
Guitar Strummin’, Texas
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Rogue Foreclosure Mill
Lawyer Damian Abreo,
formerly of BDF, is Still
Clients in 2022.

Hm, I actually got a Harris County Judge to enter a summary judgment today in favor of a mortgage company. What’s the world coming to.

I can bullshit, WAY too much baby…not so much Einstein. God help anyone I encounter with a sock puppet cow on his or her hand. Probably take a tire iron to ’em.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…32 hrs this week convincing a judge that a hillbilly that paid his last mortgage payment in 2007 is really not the victim in some foreclosure scam. Cheers.

Three hour drive to San Antonio.
Four hours in mediation.
Fifteen futile minutes trying to discuss case law and escrow accounting.

3:45 hrs listening to a personal injury lawyer blither about what a jury will do to my mortgage company client.

Three hour drive home.
Beats going to the office and I got to stop at Buccee’s.

The close of another joyfull day of pro se litigants armed with canned pleadings they got off the internet.

Yeah, your mortgage company really isn’t your mortgage company and you’ve really found the gimmick that will get you a free house.

As my friend succinctly put it
“Well, they ain’t gonna throw themselves out”.

Now I will listen to Louis Armstrong until I am convinced that it really is a wonderful world. Cheers.

…is learning to hate Doctors.
Seriously, is there a first year medical school class on how best to annoy fat people?