Robyn Lynn Sztyndor, 123 NE 17th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, public reprimand before The Florida Bar Board of Governors effective immediately following a November 24 court order.

(Admitted to practice: 2011)

Sztyndor acted unprofessionally in four separate matters.

In two of the matters, Sztyndor made unprofessional and sarcastic remarks about opposing counsel and witnesses in email communications.

She also made unprofessional statements orally, in emails, and in court filings impugning the integrity of a judge.

At a deposition, Sztyndor told the deponent that she would seek sanctions, contempt, and move to strike their claim after the witness requested to postpone the deposition to hire independent counsel.

Lastly, Sztyndor questioned opposing counsel’s veracity at a deposition and made similar allegations against opposing counsel in email communications with the judge’s judicial assistant and in a motion filed with the court.

Sztyndor’s conduct resulted in a burden on opposing counsel’s clients, and the client’s fired opposing counsel.

(Case No: SC21-979)