WSJ Deletes “The Rocket Docket” Article from 2009

A WSJ journalist attended the Rocket Docket Hearing(s) and witnessed the Judicial Scandal in Florida State Court Foreclosures.

“2 Questions, 15 Seconds, 45 Days to Get Out [of Your Home]”

This was shortly after the Greed of Wall Street, called the Financial Crisis 2008, where NO Bankers went to Jail for their Crimes against We The People.

The WSJ article was cited by LIT. We Published our article back in June of 2019 about David Stern

One of the most greedy and vile Foreclosure Mill Lawyers based in Florida, who never spent even one second in Jail for his crimes.

WSJ, we have a message…

We’ve canceled our WSJ subscription. So should WSJ subscribers.

Unless, of course, y’all are corrupt bankers, politicians, lawyers or judges.

And, yeah, we recovered that deleted WSJ article…